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Saturday, March 08, 2003  
Dirty Deeds Done Half Priced

Today was like any other day in the 7th circle of hell known as Waco,TX. I got up,showered,ate,watched a film,checked the E-mail,ect,ect... Though, I was harassed by that most vile of evil modern religions,Mormonism. I sat at the door for 15 minutes talking to missionary smith,who looked like a bike riding appliance salesman, about my soul and how Jesus came to meso-america in the 1st century and setup an advanced civilization. I then digressed into a diatribe about how the mormon "religion" is nothing more than a cult that promotes inbreeding and marrying multiple women at once. Smith then told me the modern church doesn't support polygamy nor allows donnie osmond to impregnate marie anymore.. I then grilled him on the ties between george lucas and the church,in particular the seemingly coincidental connections between the naboo colony in missouri and the planet naboo in Eps 1&2. and how the jedi temple on coursicant looked just like the mormon temple in salt lake. He then decided that I wasnt worth his time. Smith then told me that I was destined for hell and that my family needed to come to the temple for some cleansing ceremony when I die. hence, ive blocked myself out of another way to heaven.All in all, it was a productive day.

7:56 PM

Friday, March 07, 2003  
Well, Its good to be back...I decided to come back to the wonderful world of blogging after a six month hiatus. Alot has changed since I posted last time. For one, I have my scene under control. Im also in the homestrech with school and getting set for my internship this summer.

Anywho, its spring break. The time of the year where young people and the young of heart hit the beaches and clubs to surf,drink and shag. I was going to go to SPI this coming up week, but as with everything in life, plans change. I decided to stay here and save up for something alot more..interesting. Im putting together a plan for a vacation and ive narrowed it down to three choices:

A) Orlando
B) Los Angeles
C) Cancun

Go ahead and post your vote and also share your thoughts as well.

5:26 PM

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