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Friday, March 14, 2003  
Sleep, Interrupted

I wanted to start off today with a simple thought...Sleep depravation is a bitch. Especially when you awoken from a wonderous slumber at 4am by three morons who dont understand that its ok to take a shower the night before. Adding insult to injury, they felt it was their dutiful right to trip,tumble,stampede and collide with everything in their path from rise to exiting the house. You may say to yourself,isnt the human body supposed to get a minimum of 8 hrs of sleep a night. My answer,for these three shmoes who woke me up is a resounding no. I should be used to this typical friday exercise by these people, but im not.

In other news, I gashed my leg yesterday pretty nasty yesterday.I would love to say I got it in a bar fight or jumping dirt inclines X games/motocross style. But alas, I sliced my right knee on of all things,my front tag plate. The wound is kind of a mix of a puncture wound and a slice. The good news is I didnt need stiches. The even better news is its going to leave a scar, and guys,we all know that chicks dig kewl scars. Maybe i'll tell the first woman who notices it that I played football and I got it intercepting a extra point.

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