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Sunday, March 16, 2003  
Wide Open Censorship OR A diatribe on the cornfed rubes who listen to country

Heres one of the dumber stories of the week:

As you all know by now, Natalie Maines,the blonde singer of The Dixie Chicks spoke her mind this week in London concerning the president and his views on our current situation with sadaam. I wont repeat it since its been both taken out of context and beaten like a dead horse. I have no real qualms with her commentary concerning the president. In fact, I sometimes wonder how hes beaten the odds and is still in charge of this country. In fact, what natalie was practicing was a simple freedom we have called "Freedom Of Speech" (1st amendment of the constitution, I believe). It gives us the right and freedom to disagree with our leaders and what you perceive as a boneheaded move or even letting people know your ashamed g-dub is from your home state.

Where my real issue lies with is with our mass media. Radio stations across this great country of ours(which are,by the way owned by a small number of groups) have banded together under the "so-called" flag of freedom and liberty to boycott this group. Now, i'm not a big fan of dixie chicks music(I do like the tall brunette,though) but I feel personally that this is nothing short of blackballing. I thought we learned our lesson about suppressing peoples thoughts and ideas from both fighting the book burning nazis in WWII and the McCarthy witchhunt in the 1950's. I also thought that this is what we have been fighting fort in this "War Against Terror", to allow people the rights to live a free existence, to have the rights to free expression. It seems ironic that our worst enemy,in this current situation, is our fellow countrymen. So country radio, the voice of the common man, be ashamed of your actions. I know I am

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